The Hickory Hills Times – February 18, 2022

The Hickory Hills Times – February 18, 2022

Police Beat

-Our Ordinance Officer was busy as usual with keeping our City beautiful and assisting our building department.
-A number of loose dog calls and burglar alarms were received.
-We smoothed out a few customer/management disputes regarding unhappiness with the product or service, to include an argument over the sale price of pop ending at midnight.
-Lots of miscellaneous calls such as a retail theft, people locked out of their car, three incidents at the schools, parking problems, unwanted subjects, disturbances and landlord/tenant issues with one turning into a physical fight.
-A vehicle in disrepair was stolen overnight and it likely stranded the offenders, as it was recovered blocks away, so they stole a different car. At least one of the stolen cars had the keys inside it.
-We did have some cars broken into during the overnight hours. The main offender was a young local man living with his parent, down on his luck and admitted to going into about five cars.
-We responded to about a dozen traffic accidents.
-Some troubled teens met up in a neighboring town for some type of illegal deal that went awry and ended in a carjacking. It turned out they had driven into Hickory before the car was stolen, so it counts as our carjacking. The car theft victim refuses to pursue the matter with us. Hmm

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Safety Suggestions

-We love to see security cameras out there, as they help solve crimes. The young man that broke into the cars, we recognized on security camera footage from a residential camera.
-Sign up online for our vacation watch when your family travels out of town by going to our website listed below.
-Burglars usually target bedroom drawers and closets, so don’t keep the cash next to the cashmere.
-Make it a habit of making sure your car doors are locked at night around 9PM and keep the keys and valuables inside the house. As they say, Lock It, Hide It and Keep It

Mike’s Message

The weather lately has been stereotypically “Chicago”. Going from 50s and cloudy to sunny and below zero. We’ve had our share of snow and with it has brought some traffic issues. Since the beginning of February HHPD has taken 27 traffic crash reports. To curtail the bad driving behavior, HHPD made 161 traffic stops.

One of the biggest issues we have seen is the “California stops” at intersections. A good cue for knowing you have made a complete stop is feeling your vehicle rock forward and back. Also with the inclement weather remember to reduce your speed and increase following distance. An interesting fact to keep in mind is that at 35mph the stopping distance on a wet surface increases by almost an average car length (13 feet).

By Officer Franks