The Hickory Hills Times – February 11, 2022

The Hickory Hills Times – February 11, 2022

Chief’s Corner

Hello everyone! This is a test run on a new way to communicate with our community on things related to crime and happenings around the City. We will hopefully get some feedback and make adjustments along the way.

I can say that the past week has been a pretty typical week for our wonderful City. We are not immune to crime but overall, you should feel safe living, shopping and raising a family here.

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Police Beat

-We responded to about 15 accidents, so remember to drive carefully especially in snowy conditions.
-A number of loose dog calls and burglar alarms were received.
-We had a few people steal from our businesses (retail theft), to include one guy taking four bottles of vodka and seven plug in odor devices. Another grabbing two cartons of cigarettes, while yet another just two candy bars.
-Someone pumping gas had their purse stolen from their car from the unlocked passenger door.
-We smoothed out some business/customer disputes regarding unhappiness with the product or service, to include an argument over how good fake eyebrows look.
-Lots of miscellaneous calls such as people locked out of their cars, stolen iPods at school, drivers yelling at each other and someone setting off a fire extinguisher in an apartment building hallway.
-We had a vehicle stolen out of a driveway overnight. The vehicle was unlocked and the keys inside it.
-We responded to a number of domestic disputes with one leading to an arrest of the offender at a local business.

Community Advice

-Always be on the lookout out for suspicious activity and give us a call. 911 in an emergency or 708-598-1313.
-Lock your car doors at night and keep the keys and valuables inside the house. Be aware of your surroundings and lock your car while pumping gas.
-We had the report of a possible “ruse” type burglary attempt but they were unsuccessful. You never know when these criminals may start visiting our City, so keep an eye on your neighbors as well.
-Please put a collar and tag on your furry family friends. We regularly find dogs with no collar, no chip and no idea who the owner is.