School Zones

The Hickory Hills Police Department would like to remind our citizens of the special laws in school zones.

Please SLOW DOWN! The speed limit in all school zones is always 20 MPH. While passing through the school zones pay close attention to the crossing guards, disobeying their directions can result in a citation. When picking up your students ALWAYS make sure they are properly secured before driving away (seat belt or other child safety seat). Just as on any Illinois roadway it is illegal to use a cell phone in a school zone unless it is hands free (Bluetooth or speaker). Any state citations issued in a school zone are mandatory court appearances.

When are these laws enforced? Illinois Law states a school day begins at 6:30 a.m. and concludes at 4 p.m. During these times school zones can be enforced. Attached is a list of start and dismissal times for Hickory Hills Schools with HHPD generally enforcing school zone laws 30 minutes prior to arrival and 30 minutes after dismissal. Attached is the schedule of all Hickory Hills Schools.