Message From The Chief of Police

Message From The Chief of Police

I want to take the opportunity to highlight some exciting changes that occurred to our Emergency 911 Center in 2017. First, the State of Illinois approved the application for consolidation of the Hickory Hills Emergency Telephone Systems Board. As a result, the City of Hickory Hills dissolved its ETSB and consolidated with the Villages of Summit and Bedford Park and the City of Hometown to create the Des Plaines Valley ETSB. The Village of Bedford Park now provides police and fire dispatching services for the Village of Summit, and the City of Hickory Hills now provides police and fire dispatching services for the City of Hometown. This will reduce the costs associated with maintaining four independent 911 Public Safety Answering Points while enhancing the efficiency of first responders. All Emergency 911 Dispatchers are now certified in Emergency Medical Dispatch and can provide pre-arrival lifesaving instructions to callers.

The Emergency 911 Center also implemented a new mass notification system. Because this new system is internet based, it enables mass notification within seconds and enables our Emergency 911 Center to manage critical events or natural disasters more effectively. This feature will help to expedite notification to residents of major disasters and incidents while also affording other notifications of a none emergency type nature. This system disseminates these messages via land line and wireless telephones, as well as, email and text.

As for the Police Department, two new Police Officers were hired, one Sergeant was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, and one Officer promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2017. In accordance with Department Standard Operating Procedures, formal goals and objectives are developed on an annual basis. These goals are designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the services we provide to the community. Since 2011, these goals have provided direction consistent with the stated mission of our agency to all of our personnel. Current goals are highlighted in the Department Annual Report which is posted on the Department website.

I am honored and privileged to serve as your Chief of Police and I have the great fortune of working for a City Government of elected officials who embrace the same philosophy that transcends the ranks of our Department. Addressing the needs of our community while providing professional police service to all citizens remains an integral facet of our Department’s Mission Statement.

Alan Vodicka