The Hickory Hills Times – March 16, 2022

The Hickory Hills Times – March 16, 2022

Police Beat

-Lots of requests for premise checks with the best being two people riding horses around town (gas prices are high).
-Lots of calls of suspicious activity to include young love in a car at the park, lost Door Dash delivery but also some possible ruse burglars in a black pickup truck.
-We assisted neighboring agencies more than normal this week with things such as searches, translation and just extra officers needed.
-City Ordinances were steady but no spring time rise yet.
-More than a traffic crash a day, so remember defensive driving.
-We checked on the well-being of some people, checked on some alarms and on a lower than normal domestic situations which is great.
-We did have someone come into town and go through some unlocked cars. We were able to spot them and tried to make a traffic stop but the offenders had other ideas and fled recklessly.
-We recovered a bicycle, so remember, if you or your children lose a bike, call us and see if maybe we found it.
-We handled some disturbances, a fight at a school, assisted some citizens and spoke to the parent of a young lad who decided to climb the fence into the skate park.
-We had a handful of traffic complaints and arrested someone for DUI, please remember don’t drink and drive.
-The price of precious metals is sky high and a catalytic convertor contains metals such as platinum and palladium. You can sell your catalytic convertor for hundreds of dollars, so guess what, people are still stealing them…we lost two from town this week.

Upcoming Events for Hickory Hills

-Hills Chamber Expo at Conrady Jr High March 19th
-Craft Fair at Stagg March 18-20
-HH Community blood drive at The Community Center April 3rd
-Tax Day April 18th
-Hills Baseball parade April 23rd

Chief’s Corner

The world we live in today feels vastly different to me than just a few years ago. As we seem to be creeping out of the pandemic hold on us, we are faced with watching the devastation in Ukraine that seems to have no end. In these times of heartache and uncertainty, it is important to stay connected to family, friends and community and do all the little things that make life more pleasant. The smallest of acts can have some of the best affects, such as a hand wave to a neighbor, holding a door open at the market for a stranger, donating blood, volunteering our time or just giving someone a hug.

All of those things I listed I have seen in Hickory Hills this week, except for the blood donation but we have a blood drive on the calendar. Those are the things that make HH great 🙂